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We are looking for credentialed experts to contribute to our new online health magazine!

At Inspire Her Health we are all about inspiring and uplifting women to live their best, through mind, body and life.  


We are seeking writers and bloggers who have deep expertise and knowledge in their field to join our community. We also love powerful, transformation stories about health and wellness.

We are looking for articles in the following categories:


-Natural Beauty

-Healthy Weight Loss

-Healthy Mindset Practices

-Food for Healthy Lifestyle

-Women's Hormone Health

-Sex and Intimacy 

If you have knowledge or a story to share, please email us. 

Keep in mind:

  • Please put the title of your piece in the subject line and the full text in the body of the email. (No PDF’s, google docs, or attachments please.)

  • Include your bio, highlighting your credentials and a photo of yourself 

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